Research, service and industrial production facilities – these are the activities which will keep BaseLink busy in the future.

The Basel area has a global reputation as a center for life sciences. There is an increasing trend to relocate both research and development centers and production from the city to the surrounding area.

An increasing number of companies in the life sciences sector have settled at the Bachgraben site in Allschwil, which is on the same site as BaseLink. Pharmaceutical and chemical companies have also taken the opportunity to move their industrial production sites here, as have specialized electrical, machine tool and plant manufacturers, and companies in the service sector. The good transport links of the site encourage this development.


The key points in brief:
• A Location for employment of significance for the Canton
• Research and development
• Production
• Services
• (Hotels)


Possible uses

BaseLink is located in zone 20b of Allschwil’s industrial park.
The following uses are permitted:

  • Industrial and commercial facilities for production, research and trade, which employ large numbers of staff
  • Service companies, e.g. high-technology companies in the life sciences sector, medical technology, IT, pharmaceuticals, electronics, precision engineering, etc.
  • Education and research
  • Social structures for companies (childcare facilities, etc.)
  • Staff restaurants, sports and leisure facilities with a local catchment area (fitness centers, etc.)
  • (Hotels)

Activities that are not permitted

The municipality’s town and country zoning regulations do not allow this site to be used for purposes which require intensive public access and traffic. The following activities are not permitted within BaseLink’s boundaries:

  • Businesses dealing in freight traffic and distribution, warehousing and transport (Logistics, distribution, temporary storage facilities/warehouses, etc.)
  • Retail outlets for daily and periodical needs (food, non-food)
  • Sports and leisure facilities with a regional catchment area and high volume of traffic from members of the public (theme park, multiplex cinema, sports center, golf, etc.)
  • Self-storage facilities