Synergies achieved through coordinating all levels of the master plan create qualities which define identity in the design of green and free spaces.

The green courtyard for the complex as a whole is an extremely attractive extension of contemporary workplaces.

The key points in brief:
• The central green space forms the heart of the quarter
• Enhanced quality through coordinated planning of free space
• Boulevard along Hegenheimermattweg
• Bushes planted on Kiesstrasse

Green added value

Extensive green areas on site give future users more than an attractive view from their place of work. Pleasant features of the central green space range from the garden furniture for staff restaurants and cafés in the summer, space for informal meetings and relaxing breaks to a place to hold events.

The layout of the required “unbuilt and unsealed free space for greening or ecological planning” intended for shared use allows us to create unique dimensions for free space in the new commercial quarter.

Thanks to well-thought-out positioning and proportions of the areas for generating energy, it has also been possible to create spatial drama in the central green space.

Definition of the areas

The free and green spaces feature three different vegetation zones.

The central green space: The courtyard area, the majority of which is enclosed by buildings, offers high-quality space in which to relax thanks to luxuriant, long-stemmed plants.

The boulevard: The long-stemmed plants continue along Hegenheimermattweg, creating a shady thoroughfare.

Planting of bushes: As there are no plans to develop the plots along Kiesstrasse, waist-high shrubs are being planted to landscape the area.

All this helps to enhance the high quality living and working conditions at the site.