BaseLink is located between two very large green spaces – recreation and sport to the south-east of Bachgraben, agriculture in the north-west.

The 75,000 sq.m. area is situated along Hegenheimermattweg, the road that connects Basel and Neuallschwil. The Bachgraben recreational and sports area is opposite. The entire plot is owned by the Bürgerspital Basel.

The Bürgerspital Basel expressed the desire for sustainable and high-quality development of the site. The ideas for using the site mainly revolve around a shared central green space, a sustainable energy and communications concept and a mix of users and their activities that would exploit synergies. A flexible traffic concept that will be compatible with the local area provides access to the site that is both convenient for users and environmentally friendly.

BaseLink –
the development

The quarter will be transformed, step by step in the course of several implementation phases, into an attractive business location.

A. Traffic & access

The traffic concept controls access by public transport, individual vehicles and also defines the parking spaces.

Green spaces

The generous allocation of green spaces at the center of the site is one of the most important features underlining the quality of BaseLink.

C. Plots of land & building areas

Three new connecting roads divide the site into four blocks. These, in turn, are sub-divided in four plots of different sizes that can be combined with each other. There will therefore be a maximum of sixteen individual building areas.

D. Buildings & overall view

Considerable freedom in respect of the design for the new buildings is defined by the zoning regulations and supplemented by the master plan guidelines.

E. Uses

Research, services and production are the activities which will keep BaseLink busy in the future.

F. Energy & environment

It is intended that the staged energy supply concept, which is geared to the future, will provide heat, refrigeration and electricity from renewable energy sources for the base load. This provides the prerequisites for achieving varying energy and ecological targets as well as the corresponding awards/certificates.

Strukturebenen A-F

Structure levels A–F:
The different topics are carefully considered and coordinated at individual levels.Together they form the basic structure of the master plan.

BaseLink links Allschwil to Basel and in terms of urban planning provides the keystone
between the city and the countryside.