Portrait Dr. Anton Lauber

Interview with Dr. Anton Lauber,
former Mayor of Allschwil, Member of the Government of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft

What are the Allschwil politicians’ views of the master plan for the BaseLink site?

One of the most important aims of our local authorities is to develop our community in a way which is functional, economically attractive and well integrated in terms of town and country planning.
A master plan is an effective instrument for this.

The master plan for the Hegenheimermattweg-Kreuzstrasse-Kiesstrasse-Lachenstrasse area is ideal for advancing political development objectives. This is why the Allschwil municipal council was so interested in BaseLink and will make every effort to support the landowners to implement the master plan.


Who took the initiative to produce this master plan?

The 75,000 sq.m. site at Bachgraben is one of the largest reserves of building land in the municipality of Allschwil. The plot is owned by the Bürgerspital Basel Hospital and EBM (Elektra Birseck co-operative). Both owners expressed the desire for sustainable and high-quality development of their site and approached us at an early stage.


Is there a need for a life sciences business park?

It is well-known that the Basel conurbation is a “Life Sciences Area”. A high proportion of the nearly 900,000 people who live and work here are linked to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in one way or another. The number of people employed in this sector is continually increasing and the need for suitable workplaces and infrastructures will definitely expand further. This view is also supported by the fact that only the USA and Great Britain have more liberal general and regulatory frameworks than the Life Science Area in Basel. I am convinced that BaseLink will meet this need: the Allschwil municipal council will make sure that the environment and framework conditions are right.

What added value will BaseLink bring to the municipality of Allschwil?

BaseLink will be the best possible way of promoting the development of the Bachgraben site, which is a significant employment location for the Canton. A key advantage of the concept is the urban vision of the owners and planners. They are not turning everything upside down but they are proceeding on the basis of expanding existing structures.

The status of the Bachgraben district of Allschwil will be raised considerably once the high-caliber projects of the master plan have been implemented. The way in which the built areas are distributed, traffic management, design of green space and the supply of energy are innovative and ecologically sound. Local residents can only gain from it – all the more so, if such a project is planned between private investors and public bodies working constructively together.


Will the new quarter raise the status of Allschwil?

Allschwil is already one of the most popular places to live and work in the Basel area, thanks to its location in the countryside and proximity to Basel. The health of the local economy has meant that our municipality has recently welcomed its twenty-thousandth inhabitant.

Our public transport links and autobahn connections to Germany, France and within Switzerland are also good. The Basel-Mulhouse airport can be reached in 15 minutes by car. With its attractive range of housing, excellent school infrastructure and varied recreational facilities, Allschwil provides the ideal environment for living and working in harmony. BaseLink will allow the municipality of Allschwil to exploit the advantage of its location and consolidate its importance both within the Canton and beyond the region. It will also benefit those people who take up a job in BaseLink in the future.

Allschwil is ready to welcome you.


Nestling between two large green areas – recreation and sport to the south-east of Bachgraben, agriculture in the north-west– also known as “Allschwil-Basel innovation park”