The shared goal – to make a strong statement – is achieved by the fundamental principle of the master plan, the maximum volume of the structures and design freedom.

The key points in brief:
• Freedom of design
• Maximum height 20 m
• Building design lines
• Technical structures are allowed
• Connecting bridges with limitations are possible

Basic principle

The overriding criteria ensure that the quarter will take on an appearance that will define its identity.

• The central green space at the heart of the site, enhanced through the use of the ground floor areas as an extended area to meet, includes staff restaurants, childcare facilities and service zones.

• The outside perimeter consists of the edges of buildings and the boulevard along Hegenheimermattweg.

The master plan’s guidelines are drafted in such a way that they allow for a considerable variety of structures within the building areas.

Maximum building volumes

Height: The height of the building is 20 meters but technical structures are allowed to exceed this height by up to three meters, if these are set back from the facade by the dimension of their height.

Stand-offs/building clearances: Optimum daylight at workplaces is achieved through the increased stand-offs required in the master plan.

Design building line: The master plan specifies the design building lines along Hegenheimermattweg and Kiesstrasse. At least 80% of building facades must be on the design building line and therefore mark the two edges of the site.

Design freedom: Zone classification and supplementary guidelines in the master plan are drafted in such a way that they allow considerable flexibility for the type of structures within the building areas.